About ZaminKav

Natural resources of each country besides its human power are the country economic development foundation. Among natural resources, uses of mineral resources and reserves, is leading to their decline and, in other words, they are not renewable. Therefore, utilization of the best scientific methods and observance of technical rules in order to increase the efficiency of mineral resources are so important.
Zaminkav engineering company was established with the purpose of providing the consultancy services in the technical fields. The company with focuses on the technical potential of staff, young and active fellows has drawn a long way in front of its.
The company with benefiting from the elites, intellectuals and professionals, has improvement of mines conditions, underground reserves and God given minerals in its heart and with prudence, management and scrutiny in matters has activity in organization and optimizing of this open source in order to coordinate professional development and promotion of mining operations, mining industry and international trade in the mineral of country.
Generally, the company’s important objectives are including:
1. Development and promoting the engineering science activities related to the earth science
2. Quantitative and qualitative progress of the experts
3. Improving educational , research and technology matters in the respective fields
Different branches of the company are currently in the fields of mine, geology, tunnel, surveying, building stones, environment, production of specialized softwares, technical and economical studies of industrial and mining projects and generally activities related to the earth sciences.
The informative and comprehensive website of www.zaminkav.com which is the subset of Zaminkav engineering company , has activity in the field of mining engineering, machinery, tunnel, geology, surveying, building stones.

zaminkav.com website, which is proper subset of ZAMINKAV engineering co. is working on “Mine Engineering”, “Machinery”, “Tunneling”, “Geology”, “Survey”, “Masonry Stone” and “News and Broadcasting”.

Finally, some of the activities and capabilities of the company are mentioned:
Special cases of the company:
1. Engineering unit
1-1 Geology
1-2 Surveying
1-3 Exploration
1-4 Extraction and utilization
1-5 Processing
1-6 Economic and technical
1-7 Related softwares

2. Buy and sale of mine unit
3. Buy and sale of minerals unit (lump, mineral powders, etc.)
4. Information of related auctions and tenders advertisement unit
5. Mining and mineral industry handbook
6. The information website of related news

In the end, a list of mining activities of the company is mentioned:

Metallic minerals:
• Iron
• Copper
• Lead and zinc
• Chromite
• …
Non-metallic minerals (non-metallic powders):
• Calcium carbonates (white calcium carbonate, livestock calcium carbonate, etc.)
• Barite (white barite, industrial barite)
• Talc (white talc, industrial talc, etc.)
• Silica (white silica, foundry silica, etc.)
• Red oxide, Iron oxide
• Kaolin
• Bentonite
• Feldspar
• Dolomite
• Perlite
• Mica (vermiculite, muscovite, etc.)
• Zeolite
• Fluorine
• Mineral sulfur